miércoles, 11 de octubre de 2023

Ángulos y bisectrices

Ejercicio final: construcción de una targeta desplegable.

  • Hacer targeta con cabeza (pollo, otro....) circular grande y doble pico-ángulos desplegables. 


Where are you going, little swallow? Stork, why are you in such a hurry? A fold-out gift book featuring birds in 3D! A swallow takes flight, the robin beats its wing. Then, the long beak of the stork opens, to the hungry little throats of the chicks, all huddled in their nest.Then, to the child, draw or invent all the other birds that pass through his head! A meticulous work, which can be also a beautiful a decor. Enjoy coloring each bird and see how they come to life in this...

Livre pop-up étonnant et d’une grande poésie, Avec quelques briques explore les sentiments de l’enfance pour leur donner du volume.

Basic pop-up card with mouth. Pop Up Card Tutorial Lesson 3  Level of Difficulty: Medium 

HOW TO: Make Your Own Pop-Up Book | Inhabitots


Make Pop-Up Card Sheet | ... pop-up, marvel pop-up, one red dot, pop-up book, pop-up card, recycled





 Carte pop-up Poisson                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

/How to make: the chicks pop-up card - www.pop-ups.net

 El pollo Pepe, un pop Up clásico

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